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10 reasons to serve sweets at your wedding

We all have at least one sugary treat that makes us feel like a kid again.  Here are 10 reasons why you might want to include our sweetshop as part of your special day…


kid in a sweetshop1. That kid in a sweetshop feeling!

Yes, the sweets will keep the kids happy.  But let’s not kid ourselves; it’s the much bigger kids that prop up the shop counter all night!  There’s nothing quite like the glint in someone’s eye when they spot their favourite sweetie.  Sweets = happy, happy guests!


2. A trip down Memory Lane

We all have our favourite memory of going to the sweetshop as children.  Many of the older visitors to the sweetie counter especially, share stories of spending their pocket money on a quarter of pear drops. It’s always a lovely conversation starter and a great ice breaker.


3. Something for everyone

If you’ve been fretting over a wedding favour that will suit everyone, then you really need look

'Cause I've got a golden ticket!

‘Cause I’ve got a golden ticket!

no further than our travelling sweetshop.  Not only can you treat yourself to your absolute favourites, but we can cater for a wide variety of tastes, as well as special dietary requirements.  We can include vegetarian, halal, gluten-free, and even dare I say it, SUGAR-FREE!


4. A super value party favour

For as little as £1 per person for our Petite Sweets package, your guests (and you of course!) can choose your very favourite sweet, all served in a lovely striped bag in a colour to match your theme.  We can even provide our fabulous golden tickets for you to include at your table settings, adding to the magic of the day.  Here’s the full range of packages that we can offer.


5. Venue Dressing

barn_dressingSpeaking of good value, it’s worth noting, that not only will you have sorted out your wedding favour by booking our sweetshop, but what a great bit of venue dressing too!  Having a gorgeous vintage sweetshop as part of the backdrop to your celebrations, adds an extra sparkle to any venue…


6. Added entertainment

…as well as being another source of entertainment!  We love chatting to your guests, sharing their stories, discussing the many and varied sweets that we’ve all tried (it’s one subject that most people can claim to be experts in) and generally making merry.  Sweets are a subject guaranteed to raise a smile!

7. Special photos

A jar of sweets, a sweetie scoop and a bride and groom playing shop: perfect opportunity for a memorable wedding photo!


8. Special momento with our personalised package

For those who choose our Empress package, not only do you get to personalize the sweetie bags and even love heart sweets if you so desire, but you can keep the shop sign as a special wedding gift from us.  Some couples go for a conventional caption such as ‘Mr & Mrs Smith – 1st June 2015’ while others have gone for the more inviting ‘Fill your face!’


9. Variety of themes

The beauty of such a traditional style sweet shop is that it spans many ages and is equally as well placed in a country fayre-themed wedding as in a steam punk union!  We’ve been lucky enough to attend a wide variety of venues, from back gardens to grand country parks to Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre and fitted well into themes as many and varied as Wed-fests, Winter wonderlands, 1950s vintage, Victorian, seaside themes and many, many more.


10. Get everyone dancing!

Finally, it may be stating the obvious, but you can’t beat a massive sugar high for ensuring that the dance floor is full.  Keep your guests energised – fill them full of sugar.  And may we say that an over-consumption of sugar on the most important day of your lives, won’t do any harm as a special treat; our most enthusiastic customer to date, just so happened to be… a dentist!