Sweet Pancakes

  • Now, I have to say that I’m a strictly lemon juice and sugar girl myself. It did strike me however, that folk get rather creative when it comes to pancakes these days. I decided to take to t’interweb and try some search engine jiggery-pokery with sweetie-related words, in combination with the word pancake. Oh what wonders awaited me…

So… The first discovery (or confirmed suspicion) was that diabetes-inducing levels of sugar in combination with pancakes is not terribly British. No, you really have to cross the pond to get stuck in to decent examples and therefore searching via the words ‘pancakes and candy’ was how to strike gold. Here are a few of the best…

The ‘Subtle Approach’

These swirly lollipop-style red velvet pancakes look rather appealing. Not too try-hard but displaying a certain level of culinary finesse. Rather good.

The ‘All-American Dream’

Pancakes, stuffed with M&Ms, served with bacon, and topped with whipped cream. This one’s for you if you’re sold on the US idea of sugar with a side of cured meat. Hmmm.

The ‘Resembling a proper Dessert’

Chocolatey, gooey, with nuts if you like. Yes, I would eat this.





The ‘Good God No’

To be honest, when Googling the subject matter, I’m afraid this was frequently my response. Still, here’s an example of the kind of thing. What are they thinking?







The ‘Pancake-flavoured Sweet’

Does what it says on the wrapper; I’m mildly curious.






The ‘Rather Clever’

Some nice examples online of specially shaped and coloured pancake batters, but these Love Heart style pancakes are rather cute.



The ‘Simple yet visually effective’

For pretty rainbow coloured pancakes – throw hundreds and thousands into the batter mix before cooking. Lovely.





The ‘Just Plain Lazy’

You’ve had a special request from the kids for exciting candy-covered pancakes.
Step 1. Make plain pancakes.
Step 2. Throw candy canes on top.

You’ve given up on life, haven’t you?




The ‘I can’t do this any more’

Wrong. On every level. I’m off to eat salad.

So, there may or may not be something in there for everyone. To be honest, I think I was right in my initial thoughts on the matter.. I love sweets, but when it comes to pancakes, it’s lemon and sugar all the way!

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