Childhood should be magical – help us raise funds for Save the Children!

Like so many others, I have been overwhelmed with sadness at the situation so many families from Syria and elsewhere find themselves in as they flee unimaginable horror in their homelands.Magical_childhood

Emily’s Best Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop is all about capturing the nostalgia of happy childhood memories. This raffle is my way of facing the crisis and doing something nice at the same time.  I hope  this competition is a way we can help to bring a tiny bit of solace to children whose lives have been filled with fear and violence.

I am very aware every time I look at my daughters that, but for the arbitrary fact that I was born in the UK, it could so easily be me running for my life and trying desperately to protect my children.

Governments, including ours, have been slow to act. Whilst large scale solutions are needed to stop the violations of human rights and hopefully eventually find a way to bring peace to the area, thousands of refugees are in dire need right now.  It is up to individuals to do what they can to help our fellow human beings, who are suffering through no fault of their own. I know that many of you will already have given to aid organisations, signed petitions, and done many other amazing things to help. As a wonderful lady has already said, “The individual generosity and fellow feeling of so many people across Europe leaves room for hope.”

How it works:

I am offering the chance to win one of our Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop ‘Prince’ packages in return for a £3 donation to Save the Children’s Syria  Crisis Appeal. (If you donate £6, you name will be entered twice, doubling your chance of winning, and so on.)

You can select any date and location you like, up to the end of 2018.

The sweet shop comes with your very own Golden Tickets, and could be for your wedding; birthday bash; children’s party; christening; event or even in your home to share with your friends.

Please enter the date and location of your event in the comments box. If exact details are not yet known, please indicate roughly what month and geographic area. Mainland UK only I’m afraid – I am sorry, but our Travelling Traditional Sweet Shops cannot be flown or shipped overseas.

Donate here and at the end of three weeks (on 27th September) all your names will be put into a hat and the winner drawn at random.

The Prince Sweet Shop package includes our Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop fully stocked with 30 big glass jars of all the old favourites, and staffed by two uniformed servers ready to weigh out unlimited sweets to your guests for three hours. We try to include a bit of something for every sweetie taste, and special diets can be catered for.

We need a six foot square flat area to set up in and an hour either side of the service period to set up and pack away. No electricity is required. If the area you have available is not enough to fit the Prince Pop-up Sweet Shop, you can opt for the Petite Sweets package instead, which is half the size.

As we have recently built an additional Pop-up Sweet Shop, all dates are available with the exception of  03/04 October 2015 and 10/11 October 2015.

Thank you and good luck!

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