Welcome to the sweet taste of our Emily’s Best blog!

We’re so excited here at Emily’s Best HQ. We’ve been around and about bringing our sweet treats to weddings, parties and corporate events for some time now. We’ve seen more smiling faces and delighted brides, grooms and kids than we can remember… more than enough to know that we’re onto a good thing here.

Now’s the time to spread the happiness! We’ve relaunched ourselves on the web with a brand-spanking-new website and our very own blog (as you might have gathered as you’re reading it!). Our newest addition, ‘Petite Sweets’, is proving very popular for smaller events and our larger travelling shops are as popular as ever… but we have the capacity to bring our sugary loveliness to yet more!

Please help us by letting people know who we are – share this post and our main website (emilysbest.co.uk) like us on Facebook and generally spead the love!

Thank you,

Ruth xx

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