Sweet Pancakes

  • Now, I have to say that I’m a strictly lemon juice and sugar girl myself. It did strike me however, that folk get rather creative when it comes to pancakes these days. I decided to take to t’interweb and try some search engine jiggery-pokery with sweetie-related words, in combination with the word pancake. Oh what wonders awaited me…

So… The first discovery (or confirmed suspicion) was that diabetes-inducing levels of sugar in combination with pancakes is not terribly British. No, you really have to cross the pond to get stuck in to decent examples and therefore searching via the words ‘pancakes and candy’ was how to strike gold. Here are a few of the best…

The ‘Subtle Approach’

These swirly lollipop-style red velvet pancakes look rather appealing. Not too try-hard but displaying a certain level of culinary finesse. Rather good.

The ‘All-American Dream’

Pancakes, stuffed with M&Ms, served with bacon, and topped with whipped cream. This one’s for you if you’re sold on the US idea of sugar with a side of cured meat. Hmmm.

The ‘Resembling a proper Dessert’

Chocolatey, gooey, with nuts if you like. Yes, I would eat this.





The ‘Good God No’

To be honest, when Googling the subject matter, I’m afraid this was frequently my response. Still, here’s an example of the kind of thing. What are they thinking?







The ‘Pancake-flavoured Sweet’

Does what it says on the wrapper; I’m mildly curious.






The ‘Rather Clever’

Some nice examples online of specially shaped and coloured pancake batters, but these Love Heart style pancakes are rather cute.



The ‘Simple yet visually effective’

For pretty rainbow coloured pancakes – throw hundreds and thousands into the batter mix before cooking. Lovely.





The ‘Just Plain Lazy’

You’ve had a special request from the kids for exciting candy-covered pancakes.
Step 1. Make plain pancakes.
Step 2. Throw candy canes on top.

You’ve given up on life, haven’t you?




The ‘I can’t do this any more’

Wrong. On every level. I’m off to eat salad.

So, there may or may not be something in there for everyone. To be honest, I think I was right in my initial thoughts on the matter.. I love sweets, but when it comes to pancakes, it’s lemon and sugar all the way!

Festive entertainment for your staff ‘do’!

12339633_766630256776330_2227263546965032557_oWe all love a good staff Christmas party – an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy a reward for the year’s hard work.

When you’ve an event to organise, it can be tough finding new ideas to entertain your guests.  If you’re fed up of the same old corporate Christmas party, our staff party package may be just the thing to keep your guests sweet!  Here’s a few reasons to book our sweet shop…

Sweets for all!

Our fabulous pop-up sweet shop magically appears at your venue and serves unlimited – 11079450_668946923211331_5587391420191141827_nyes, that’s right UNLIMITED – sweets to your staff.  What could be better than that ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling, time and time again?


Cater for everyone

Let’s face it, we all have a favourite sweet treat, whether it’s  a good old fashioned pear drop or the more retro Fizz Whizz for the eighties kid in us.  Your guests can choose whatever takes their fancy and if they have special dietary requirements, we’ve got that covered too.  We serve vegetarian, halal, wheat-free, dairy-free and even should they be required, sugar-free!


Breaking the ice

One thing all of our party guests have in common is that trip to the sweetshop when they were kids.  Our sweet eaters can’t resist sharing their stories whilst they choose, reminiscing and comparing notes over the best sweets of their youth!  It makes for a really warm, friendly atmosphere and we happily entertain your guests with the full sweetshop experience.

Transform your venue
10258037_609567085815982_2886066863978218740_oNot only do you get to fill up on all that sugar, but the traditional look of our shop adds a special touch to the venue dressing. Whether you’re going for a Victorian theme, 1950s, Willy Wonka, Harry Potter or many more besides, our sweetshop guarantees a festive feel and will really give your event the wow factor.


Branded packages

Corporate branding available

Corporate branding available

Our customers often go for a branded package – you might want to include branded sweets, shop sign or even sweetie bags with your company logo or thank-you message.  Previous clients have included Barclays, Mercedes Group, Andaz Hotel and the BBC.


Get dancing!

Who needs a free bar when you’re fuelled with sugar?!  You’re sure

All ready for the revellers!

All ready for the revellers!

to enjoy the evening, and dance like its 1999 after a few rhubarb and custards.


Party favour

Don’t forget, this can be your party favour too.   Your guests get to take away a little

reminder of the wonderful evening they’ve shared with colleagues and relive its sweetie goodness all over again when they get home!


Childhood should be magical – help us raise funds for Save the Children!

Like so many others, I have been overwhelmed with sadness at the situation so many families from Syria and elsewhere find themselves in as they flee unimaginable horror in their homelands.Magical_childhood

Emily’s Best Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop is all about capturing the nostalgia of happy childhood memories. This raffle is my way of facing the crisis and doing something nice at the same time.  I hope  this competition is a way we can help to bring a tiny bit of solace to children whose lives have been filled with fear and violence.

I am very aware every time I look at my daughters that, but for the arbitrary fact that I was born in the UK, it could so easily be me running for my life and trying desperately to protect my children.

Governments, including ours, have been slow to act. Whilst large scale solutions are needed to stop the violations of human rights and hopefully eventually find a way to bring peace to the area, thousands of refugees are in dire need right now.  It is up to individuals to do what they can to help our fellow human beings, who are suffering through no fault of their own. I know that many of you will already have given to aid organisations, signed petitions, and done many other amazing things to help. As a wonderful lady has already said, “The individual generosity and fellow feeling of so many people across Europe leaves room for hope.”

How it works:

I am offering the chance to win one of our Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop ‘Prince’ packages in return for a £3 donation to Save the Children’s Syria  Crisis Appeal. (If you donate £6, you name will be entered twice, doubling your chance of winning, and so on.)

You can select any date and location you like, up to the end of 2018.

The sweet shop comes with your very own Golden Tickets, and could be for your wedding; birthday bash; children’s party; christening; event or even in your home to share with your friends.

Please enter the date and location of your event in the comments box. If exact details are not yet known, please indicate roughly what month and geographic area. Mainland UK only I’m afraid – I am sorry, but our Travelling Traditional Sweet Shops cannot be flown or shipped overseas.

Donate here and at the end of three weeks (on 27th September) all your names will be put into a hat and the winner drawn at random.

The Prince Sweet Shop package includes our Travelling Traditional Sweet Shop fully stocked with 30 big glass jars of all the old favourites, and staffed by two uniformed servers ready to weigh out unlimited sweets to your guests for three hours. We try to include a bit of something for every sweetie taste, and special diets can be catered for.

We need a six foot square flat area to set up in and an hour either side of the service period to set up and pack away. No electricity is required. If the area you have available is not enough to fit the Prince Pop-up Sweet Shop, you can opt for the Petite Sweets package instead, which is half the size.

As we have recently built an additional Pop-up Sweet Shop, all dates are available with the exception of  03/04 October 2015 and 10/11 October 2015.

Thank you and good luck!

10 reasons to serve sweets at your wedding

We all have at least one sugary treat that makes us feel like a kid again.  Here are 10 reasons why you might want to include our sweetshop as part of your special day…


kid in a sweetshop1. That kid in a sweetshop feeling!

Yes, the sweets will keep the kids happy.  But let’s not kid ourselves; it’s the much bigger kids that prop up the shop counter all night!  There’s nothing quite like the glint in someone’s eye when they spot their favourite sweetie.  Sweets = happy, happy guests!


2. A trip down Memory Lane

We all have our favourite memory of going to the sweetshop as children.  Many of the older visitors to the sweetie counter especially, share stories of spending their pocket money on a quarter of pear drops. It’s always a lovely conversation starter and a great ice breaker.


3. Something for everyone

If you’ve been fretting over a wedding favour that will suit everyone, then you really need look

'Cause I've got a golden ticket!

‘Cause I’ve got a golden ticket!

no further than our travelling sweetshop.  Not only can you treat yourself to your absolute favourites, but we can cater for a wide variety of tastes, as well as special dietary requirements.  We can include vegetarian, halal, gluten-free, and even dare I say it, SUGAR-FREE!


4. A super value party favour

For as little as £1 per person for our Petite Sweets package, your guests (and you of course!) can choose your very favourite sweet, all served in a lovely striped bag in a colour to match your theme.  We can even provide our fabulous golden tickets for you to include at your table settings, adding to the magic of the day.  Here’s the full range of packages that we can offer.


5. Venue Dressing

barn_dressingSpeaking of good value, it’s worth noting, that not only will you have sorted out your wedding favour by booking our sweetshop, but what a great bit of venue dressing too!  Having a gorgeous vintage sweetshop as part of the backdrop to your celebrations, adds an extra sparkle to any venue…


6. Added entertainment

…as well as being another source of entertainment!  We love chatting to your guests, sharing their stories, discussing the many and varied sweets that we’ve all tried (it’s one subject that most people can claim to be experts in) and generally making merry.  Sweets are a subject guaranteed to raise a smile!

7. Special photos

A jar of sweets, a sweetie scoop and a bride and groom playing shop: perfect opportunity for a memorable wedding photo!


8. Special momento with our personalised package

For those who choose our Empress package, not only do you get to personalize the sweetie bags and even love heart sweets if you so desire, but you can keep the shop sign as a special wedding gift from us.  Some couples go for a conventional caption such as ‘Mr & Mrs Smith – 1st June 2015’ while others have gone for the more inviting ‘Fill your face!’


9. Variety of themes

The beauty of such a traditional style sweet shop is that it spans many ages and is equally as well placed in a country fayre-themed wedding as in a steam punk union!  We’ve been lucky enough to attend a wide variety of venues, from back gardens to grand country parks to Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre and fitted well into themes as many and varied as Wed-fests, Winter wonderlands, 1950s vintage, Victorian, seaside themes and many, many more.


10. Get everyone dancing!

Finally, it may be stating the obvious, but you can’t beat a massive sugar high for ensuring that the dance floor is full.  Keep your guests energised – fill them full of sugar.  And may we say that an over-consumption of sugar on the most important day of your lives, won’t do any harm as a special treat; our most enthusiastic customer to date, just so happened to be… a dentist!


Welcome to the sweet taste of our Emily’s Best blog!

We’re so excited here at Emily’s Best HQ. We’ve been around and about bringing our sweet treats to weddings, parties and corporate events for some time now. We’ve seen more smiling faces and delighted brides, grooms and kids than we can remember… more than enough to know that we’re onto a good thing here.

Now’s the time to spread the happiness! We’ve relaunched ourselves on the web with a brand-spanking-new website and our very own blog (as you might have gathered as you’re reading it!). Our newest addition, ‘Petite Sweets’, is proving very popular for smaller events and our larger travelling shops are as popular as ever… but we have the capacity to bring our sugary loveliness to yet more!

Please help us by letting people know who we are – share this post and our main website (emilysbest.co.uk) like us on Facebook and generally spead the love!

Thank you,

Ruth xx